Weather in Santorini by Month | A Full Guide to Plan Your Vacation

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Santorini view. Weather in Santorini by month.

Santorini is probably one of the most beautiful and magical islands in Greece, and every traveler has it as a must option in their wishlist. Most people imagine Santorini as the ultimate destination for summer vacation. And it is indeed. However, this heavenly-made island can offer you beautiful & relaxing moments at any time of the year. Spring, summer, fall, and even winter season are perfect for visiting this dreamy island.

So here is a full guide with all the information you need to know about the weather in Santorini all year long, in case you’re planing to make a visit. 


Santorini in spring. Weather in Santorini by month.


Entering spring season, March is very similar to February. With approximately the temperatures to range at the same levels, the spring season starts to make appearance although it is probably not the best choice to swim in the sea because the water temperature decreases from 21°C (69.8°F) to 15°C (59°F).


In April the temperature pleasantly slowly rises. The middle month of spring brings the ultimate feeling of the season and it is a wonderful experience to visit the island that period of time.


Just a month away from summer, May is the month that gets the best of both worlds. The island is not that crowded as summer season, however the temperature starts getting higher and higher approaching the summer warmth.


Santorini summer. Weather in Santorini by month.


Summer season is when the Santorini Island attracts the biggest amount of tourists. June’s temperature is a little higher than May and it is important to mention that June has the longest days of the year, approximately 14.6 hours of sunlight.


July in Santorini is like a dream. Both atmosphere and water temperatures are high and everyone can enjoy the ultimate summer weather, especially in this magical island.


Apart from the fact that, everyone loves Santorini’s sunsets in August it is absolutely memorable to experience august full moon in the island of love. August’s average temperature varying between 22°C (71.6°F) and 27°C (80.6°F).


Santorini, fall. Weather in Santorini by month.


September in Santorini does not seem like entering to fall season. Although it is the first month of fall, September keeps almost as high as the temperatures in August.


There is still a summer feeling in October month even if we are in the middle of fall. With the average time of daylight to be approximately 11.2 hours there are plenty of things to do and discover in this beautiful destination.


Last month of fall is November. Although the temperature slightly decreases day-by-day this month is still kind of warm and attracts many tourists due to the fact that maintains the length of the day up to 10 hours.


Santorini, winter. Weather in Santorini by month.


Santorini’s weather during December is most of the time mild and it has an average of six hours of sunshine per day. The average temperature through December month is 13-celsius degrees and it gives the opportunity for the visitor to explore the island with convenience. You can still admire probably the most beautiful sunset in the world in Oia without squeezing with other people. Whether you travel with company or not, this destination is going to leave you speechless. Although December is the wettest month for Santorini it is absolutely amazing to watch one of the best views during a waterfall. 


January in Santorini is different. The island is a lot less crowded but the local life shops are open and give you the sense of a more friendly atmosphere. The length of the day is approximately 10 hours and the island has 4 hours of sunshine per day. Although a rainfall is really possible, you can enjoy peace and feel like the whole island is yours.


Last month of winter is February and it is considered the coldest one. With the temperature ranging from 14 celsius degrees (the highest) to 9 celsius degrees (the lowest), February is the month that you can enjoy hot beverages and the warmth of a luxurious property. All you need to find is the best point of view to watch some of the most breath-taking sceneries.

Min (°C)9910121519222219161311
Max (°C)141416192227282726221916
Min (°F)484850545966727266615552
Max (°F)575761667281828179726661
Temperature range in Santorini Island

Visiting this island is always a dream all year long. And there are always elegant and magnificent villas for you to live fully in the Santorini style. Convenient, elegant, and charming in order to make you feel like you have the ultimate Santorini experience. So, if you want to make this happen, check our wide range of luxurious villas and find the one for you on the most romantic island on earth, Santorini, even in the winter season.

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