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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Aithra Villa in Mykonos

Elia,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Mykonos Villa Aphrodite

Agios Ioannis,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Villa in Mykonos Iliada

Lia,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Villa in Mykonos Alexandra

Aleomandra,  mykonos
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Affordable Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Gialos Mansion

Mykonos Town,  mykonos
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Affordable Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Emma Villa in Mykonos

Agios Lazaros,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Frida Villa in Mykonos

Kastro,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Elizabeth Villa in Mykonos

Kastro,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Olivia Villa in Mykonos

Kastro,  mykonos
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Ultimate Luxury Villas
Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Vincent Villa in Mykonos

Kastro,  mykonos
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Mykonos, the "The Island of the Winds”

Everyone has heard of Mykonos, the most famous island surrounded by the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. It’s one of the most popular destinations in Greece, and in the entire world, for travelers of all types. Satisfy your appetite for vacation and adventure in this cosmopolitan island that provides whatever you desire! It has been attracting well-heeled Athenians and international celebrities like a magnet since 1960.

According to mythology, Mykonos was formed from the petrified bodies of giants killed by Hercules. And the island took its name from the grandson of Apollo, “Mykonos”.

Voted the top summer holiday destination time and again for a good reason: exceptional beaches, award-winning restaurants, legendary parties, expensive yachts, dreamy villas, luxury hotels, beautiful people, 5 star service. Mykonos will seduce you.

Take the opportunity to explore the tiny archaeological gem of Delos, just a short boat trip away. Delos was a sacred island in ancient times, and according to mythology was the birthplace of the twin gods Apollo and Artemis.

The most famous beaches of the island are: Agios Sostis, Megali Ammos, Panormos, Kalo Livadi, Ftelia, Platis Yialos, Agrari, Agia Anna, Super Paradise, Elia, Paraga, Ornos and the most famous of all, Psarou.

First time in Mykonos, Greece? Everything you need to know about the luxurious Aegean Island.

  • How big is Mykonos?

Mykonos is considered one of the small islands of the Aegean as it occupies an area of 85.5 sq km.

  • How long is the ferry from Athens to Mykonos?

The ferry crossing from Athens to Mykonos can take from 2 hours and 35 minutes to 5 hours and 15 minutes, depending on the type of ferry you have chosen, whether it is a speedboat or not, and the weather conditions.

  • Does Mykonos have an airport?

 Yes, Mykonos has an airport which is 4 kilometers from Chora.

  • Can you drink tap water in Mykonos?

No, tap water in Mykonos is not drinkable. If you want, you can brush your teeth with it, but it is suggested to drink bottled water.

• Why stay in villas in Mykonos?

The island of Mykonos is synonymous with luxury and high aesthetics. If you are looking for privacy, tranquility and comfort, the ideal place to spend your holidays is none other than a luxurious, spacious villa with stunning views on one of the island’s famous beaches.

• How much does renting villas in Mykonos cost?

The cost of renting a Mykonos villa depends on the type of villa, the number of people it can accommodate, the facilities it offers and the rental period you have chosen. Depending on your budget Elite Estates offers villas from 5.000 to 100.000 €/week.

• How can you book villas in Mykonos?

You can book our villas online; you can call us or you can contact us via e-mail. Τhe information you need is on the contact form

• When is the best time to book a villa in Mykonos?

Planning a Mykonos vacation? Then, you definitely wonder when is the best time to book a villa. Like the rest of the Greek islands, Mykonos is wonderful, especially in summer. However, as it is among the most popular Greek islands, it is advisable to book your desired accommodation 2-3 months before you arrive on the island.

Looking For Villas In Greece? Luxury Mykonos Villas

Tourism is a major industry and Mykonos is known for its vibrant nightlife and for being a friendly destination with many establishments.

Covering all tastes and budgets, the accommodations of Mykonos are characterized -almost in their majority- for the minimal aesthetics, the modern comforts and the specialized facilities, which leave even the most demanding visitors satisfied.

We have gathered the best, and value for money suggestions to choose the one that best suits your needs and desires.

Rent a villa in a privileged location on the beach with luxurious rooms and with decoration that respects the minimalist Cycladic style or a villa on Mykonos town, which lies on the west coast. The town is also known as Chora.

Villas in Mykonos with Private Pools

Rooms with an elegant, comfortable environment and unique view. Swimming private pool, overlooking the deep blue of the Aegean Sea, will make your honeymoon a special experience. Check our offers for retreat house rentals for having your vacation with an infinity pool.

10 Best Places to Visit in Mykonos Under The Sunlight

  • Visit Little Venice 
  • Shop in Chora
  • Paraportiani Church
  • Agios Lazaros
  • Agios Ioannis
  • Elia (Olive) Beach
  • Visit the Armenist Lighthouse
  • Town Hall
  • Scuba Diving
  • Ftelia – Poros

Mykonos is known to be one of the most popular summer destinations attracting people from all over the world. And for a good reason: the wonderful beaches, breathtaking views, beautiful architecture, excellent cuisine, and unique atmosphere makes the island of the winds just the perfect place for a unique summer vacation. It has it all! So it is no wonder why anyone who visits the island – from celebrities, social media influencers, and multimillionaires to regular tourists that want to enjoy the unique & stunning Cycladic scenery – leaves having lived a magical & unforgettable experience. 

Why choose Mykonos Villas With Concierge Services - Are Mykonos villas safe?

If you wish to live the Mykonos’ experience to the fullest, the best you can do is book your very own holiday villa. Why? Because you’ll be given the chance of your own privacy and a more flexible program, spending your time in your own space, swimming in your own pool, and having meals at your own kitchen.  You get the peace & quietness you wish for, avoid interacting with large groups of people within close proximity, as for e.g. in a hotel. No one will bother you and you can do whatever you want whenever you want. Plus, there are villas located almost everywhere on the island, which means you can stay anywhere you want: close to the center, isolated from the crowd, or even close to your favorite beach. 

Additionally, if many people wish to have vacations together, a villa is the best option both in terms of space but of money as well, as it is much less expensive to rent compared to booking multiple rooms or suites in a hotel. Either it is for large groups of friends, families, or wedding guests, a big mykonos villa will be the perfect choice. 

Of course, staying in a villa gives you also the privilege of luxury, relaxation, comfort, and a variety of special services offered: a private gourmet chef, a day of spa, a boat on your private beach, facilities like pools, home cinemas, home gyms, etc. Also, most Mykonos villas offer you the option of having your own dedicated staff to assist you with any of your needs, like housekeepers, security guards, and many others. Things that will make your days in Mykonos unforgettable for sure.

Why Elite Estates Boutique Villas - How can I book a luxury villa in Mykonos?

There are so many options of holiday villas to choose from, that you will definitely be able to find the one that is exactly what you wish for in terms of location, size, facilities, etc. At Elite Estates you’ll get much more than simply a wide collection of Mykonos villas to rent. You’ll get top-notch services as well! 

We offer much more than just a wide selection of accommodation options, matching impeccable and bespoke services with a diverse portfolio of Mykonos villas for our guests to choose from. Our complimentary guest support team of villa specialists, with long experience on the luxury travel market, is dedicated to finding the perfect home for our guests to stay in, and a concierge service to assist with details big and small. 

Every guest is unique and always the center of our attention. We make the most to offer memorable experiences, professionalism, respect & hospitality, with close attention to details.

Mykonos Villas with private pool

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Mykonos is a luxurious destination to go to in Greece. Aside from unspoilt beaches, white-tinted sands and colorful sunsets the island is also well-known for its beautiful villas that offer relaxing private pools to enjoy. When you’re soaking up the sun in your own private pool it’s all about you and sharing is an option. Enjoy having the run of the place in one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and stop sharing your precious space with hordes of other holidaymakers. Here you’re guaranteed some ultimate unwinding.

Mykonos Villas with private pools are all about freedom and flexibility. We offer villas where the pool water looks like it’s part of the sea, enjoying the panoramic vistas. Large pools are available for many guests, or for those who enjoy long lengths swimming for exercising. Even for families travelling with little ones, villas with kid-friendly pools are the perfect solution for peace of mind.

Cool off from the Mediterranean sun at a range of our villas in Mykonos from a private pool of your own. If you’re planning to visit Mykonos and are looking for the best accomodations in Mykonos with private pools. 

Villas Mykonos Location - Where are the villas located?

Mykonos is one of the most beautiful Agean islands, which offers stunning locations that captivate every visitor. Each part of the island has a unique beauty and offers different activities that will make your holiday unforgettable.

Whether you wish to discover the cosmopolitan side of the island, with its blue beaches and beach bars, or you want to explore the traditional settlements and historical monuments of the island, at Elite Estates you can find the right villa that will be the base for your summer adventures.

Most of our villas are located on the south and west side of the island, in and around Mykonos Town, on the famous beaches of Ornos and Platys Gialos Beach. The latter is considered one of the best beaches on the island, and the view of it, offered by our villas is breathtaking at any time of the day.

Between Ornos and Platys Gialos is located Psarou, one of the most famous beaches of the island. Known for its calm waters and luxurious designer boutiques, it is the ideal place to stay if you are looking for luxury on your holiday.

In the eastern part of the island, there are Paranga and Super Paradise beaches, as well as the more remote Agrari and Elia beaches where you can enjoy the calm side of the island and relax.

If absolute tranquility is what you are looking for from your holiday, we suggest you look for a villa on the peninsula of Aleomandra or the beach of Agios Ioannis, located south of Mykonos town and west of Ornos beach. The wild nature, the tranquility and the stunning sunset views that these places offer will blow you away!

Villas in Mykonos Facilities

If comfort, style and luxury is what you are looking for from your holidays, you will find it in Elite Estate’s Mykonos villas!

Our villas are extremely spacious and ideal to accommodate couples, a group of friends or a family. You can even look for villas capable of accommodating up to 68 people and host an event, such as your wedding party or a birthday party.

Rent the right villa for you, the one that meets your needs and has the features of your choice, and immerse yourself in total relaxation. All of our luxury villas feature air conditioning to ensure a pleasant environment during your stay, a modern kitchen where you can enjoy your meals, more than one fully equipped bathroom, a private pool to take a dip any time of day you wish, sunbeds to soak up the sun, breathtaking sea or sunset views and modern, minimal design.

For more luxury you can look for villas with a garden and BBQ where you can organize gatherings with your friends, jacuzzi that will provide you with the ultimate sense of relaxation and private parking, so you don’t have to worry about parking your vehicles.


Retreat Mykonos Villas

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

When planning a retreat, it’s important to consider what you want to get out of your trip. Either you’re looking for extra relaxation, rebuild yourself and your ideas or just put yourself together. Or you are interested in a romantic escape with your other half. No one can argue that a vacation to Mykonos is revitalizing and breathtaking. Escape everyday’s stress, plan your retreat in an extraordinary location for a luxurious vacation or business trip. For some, Mykonos is a cosmopolitan place of unbridled luxury. For others, it’s a peaceful heaven of tranquility in one of the most bustling parts of the Mediterranean. 

Sweet and simple, there’s no other way to describe these exquisite villa retreats in Mykonos. From a cozy villa with the perfect relaxing setting, to a spacious contemporary villa with a modern twist, it is all possible thanks to the abundance of our available options.

Experience the magic of Greece in the picturesque Mykonos region. Explore the island’s rich historical legacy while taking advantage of modern amenities like an outdoor pool.

Honeymoon Mykonos Villas

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Mykonos is definitely a top romantic destination, and a Mykonos honeymoon villa offers a Cycladic-style and a private pool where your post-wedding stress can melt away. It’s the ultimate destination to enjoy and relax with your loved one, sharing incredible moments you will remember for the rest of your lives.

Choosing a honeymoon villa in Greece is the most romantic accommodation type to stay in during this special trip. They are constructed in a discreet area, offering a breathtaking view with personalized services for honeymooners, such as welcoming bottles of champagne or a rose decoration upon arrival. Pure luxury and good taste are ready to spoil the lovers. 

Mykonos honeymoon villas create an amazing atmosphere of intimacy and privacy, ideal for couples seeking the most romantic experience in Mykonos. Designed with clean-cut lines and plenty of space Mykonos honeymoon villas feature a Κing-size double bed, a bathroom, and an open plan living room with a fully equipped kitchen. While the Aegean white prevails, modern décor and furnishings create the ideal scenario for the honeymoon of your dreams. Enjoy your private pool with your other half and be charmed by the Mykonos’s beauty.

Villas In Mykonos Town

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

No doubt that one of the most popular and cosmopolitan Greek islands is Mykonos. If you’re looking for a glamorous break away this year. There are plenty of ways to up your vacation game, but one of the best is by staying in a holiday villa in Mykonos Town, If you wish to party hard and live like the elite you have to book your villa early in Mykonos town.

Travel in style and enjoy a thoughtful layout and elegant décor with your beloved ones. Find your own Villa in Mykonos Town by exploring Mykonos on your own and use a one-bedroom villa as your home base. If you’re traveling in a group, go for a larger villa with a bigger number of bedrooms so that it becomes easier to keep the peace. Don’t forget to spoil yourself with the daily housekeeping while enjoying delicious Mykonian meals. 

We assure you that all villas in Mykonos town that we present on our website are designed in the higher standards and luxuriously furnished, in order to maximize comfort for you and your guests.

Mykonos Villas On The Beach & Coves

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Everyone will agree that Mykonos is the island of enchantment. It’s a place that conjures up pictures of sun-kissed days spent on white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and endless blue skies.

You will also agree that, It’s not always easy to choose where to stay in Mykonos. With so many luxurious villas and apartments, it can be hard to choose. But we guarantee you that you can not make a wrong choice if you decide to stay in a villa on the beach. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any dreamier you have the option to stay in Mykonos in a villa on the beach.

Whether you’re looking for a short honeymoon getaway or an ideal place to hold a private meeting, this collection of holiday villas in Mykonos is sure to suit your needs and budget.

Best Places To Stay In Mykonos Villas

One of the big decisions visitors need to make is whether to stay in Mykonos or one of the beaches. Mykonos Town has the most nightlife, restaurants, and shopping vibes. Transportation between the main beaches, especially Platis Gialos and Ornos, and Mykonos Town, is easy so moving from one spot to another is enjoyable. You can enjoy the beaches in the morning and  return to town in the late afternoon to get ready to enjoy the evening when Mykonos Town really comes alive. 

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Mykonos Town With Windmills

Also known as Hora/Chora, the island capital is charming with its pedestrian streets. The town is packed with guesthouses, hotels, restaurants, and bars. There are two shopping streets full of fashion boutiques, art stores, and touristic shops. A couple of worthwhile museums and an open-air cinema are added to the town’s attractions. 

Platis Gialos - The crystal utopia

Platis Gialos is a 4 km drive south from Mykonos Town. Everyone can find It’s holiday option in Platis Gialos. Families come here because of the calm waters and white sand. The young are attracted by beach bars and everyone enjoys good food. It’s also the center of water sports in Mykonos, with a variety of options like kayaking, wakeboarding and flyboarding. It is worth mentioning that there are hourly water taxis.

Ornos - The blue ocean


Ornos beach is located just 3.4km south of Mykonos Town and it is known for having the busiest beaches on the island. The streets are crowded with boutique hotels and its white sand is lined with sun loungers. Plenty of seafood restaurants offer many gastronomical options. Its shallow, calm water makes it a popular option for families.

Find out more about where to stay in Mykonos.

Best Beaches & Bays In The Aegean Sea Mykonos

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

The one essential thing for any vacation is of course to enjoy the crystal clear blue waters and the sun, relaxing on the beach along with your favourite cold drink in hand. And what a better place to have such time than Mykonos!

Mykonos has about 65 beaches, some reached with the car and others only by the sea. It is probably one of the few islands where you can be in a different beach every single time. There are countless options, which makes it even more difficult to choose the beast one. The best beaches are known to be on the southern coast of the island, as they’re usually more protected from the winds. However, those in the north coast are also extremely beautiful, and usually less crowded.

Some of the most famous beaches in Mykonos are:


This is the place for everyone, even though it’s the most distant from Mykonos Town. What makes it worth visiting is the thick sand and crystal-clear waters, surrounded by rocks that make the scenery even more stunning, especially during sunset. 


It is the trendiest beach worth swimming and offers beautiful scenery. However it can get crowded, but it’s undoubtedly worth a look. Visitors require an elevated social status to get a table at Nammos while service on the sun loungers compares to that of five star hotels. Call a day in advance to reserve a sun lounger on Saturdays and Sundays.


It is usually crowded and loud, but the water and the views are just perfect. You can enjoy refreshing daquiris and dance to the loud and rhythmic celebrities and wannabe stars. At Jackie’O Beach with the magnificent infinity pool you will learn all about the good life: Massage on the beach, fresh oysters and scallops at the Oyster Bar and Cuban cigars after dinner and restaurant. On the far end of the beach you will find the timeless Cavo Paradiso, hosting Greek and foreign DJ’s.


Ornos is one of the most popular beaches of Mykonos and located very close to Chora. It is the perfect place to stay if you do not have a vehicle to reach the more distant beaches, but also if you enjoy good food sevred on the beach.

Read more about the best beaches in Mykonos & how to recharge your batteries on the Island of Winds.

Things To Do In Mykonos

Mykonos Villas, ELITE ESTATES

Visiting Mykonos is not only about the crystal blue sea and the cosmopolitan town. You can also be part of the mystery atmosphere by arranging a day trip excursion to the mythological birthplace of the ancient Greek god Apollo at one of the most important archaeological sites of Greece, Delos Island. The island is located close to Mykonos. It is an imposing place, full of the remnants of ancient Greece.

The island is also very famous for its amazing nightlife, called by many the Ibiza of Greece. Parties till morning light under the music of famous DJs, along with movie stars & celebrities is one of the most common ways of entertainment in Mykonos.

Mykonos is the perfect island for both partying and seeing people, but also for relaxation & chillness. Check out all the things you can do during your stay in Mykonos.  

How Far Is Mykonos From Athens

There are basically two ways to get from Athens to Mykonos. One is by ferry and the other by plane.
The most convenient choice is to book a 45 minutes flight from Athens to Mykonos (El. Venizelos airport). 

The other option is by ferry from Athens to Mykonos which takes around from 2.5 hrs to 4 hrs (depending on which ferry boat you take). The ferries to Mykonos that depart from Rafina Port in Athens are usually much faster and there are more available options during the day to Mykonos than from Piraeus port.

How Far Is Santorini From Mykonos

It is sure that you can visit Santorini with a transition from Mykonos. Santorini is gifted with the unique natural beauty and the wild scenery created by the volcanic eruptions. You have two available options. One is by ferry and the other by plane. 

The ferry option takes about 2.5 hrs to arrive at Santorini. The ferry companies that run between Mykonos and Santorini are Seajet and Hellenic Seaways and you can check the timetables online. You can pick up the ticket from the ferry departure port, from the kiosks of the ferry company you booked.

Though flights can be very popular, especially at the peak of the summer season, it’s best to book your seat early, especially in cases where an airline only offers one flight per week.

Mykonos Island Hopping

Thinking of visiting another Greek island? Mykonos is the ideal island to be your springboard. Thanks to its central location in the Aegean Sea and its excellent air and sea connections, the island of winds, as most people like to call it, allows you to discover a multitude of other islands. Our suggestions for unique experiences and wonderful explorations are the following:

Mykonos – Paros – Antiparos – Santorini

If nightlife, beach parties and luxury is what you are looking for from your holidays, then holidays in these islands is a must. In Mykonos you will have the chance to party in the most famous Greek clubs, dine in expensive restaurants and shop in luxury boutiques. On the other hand, Paros is the island of youth, offering more affordable but equally unique entertainment opportunities, while its beaches will delight you. In Antiparos you will have the opportunity to relax and admire the beauty of the natural landscape, explore the island’s tranquil beaches and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. Of course, no sunset can compare to that of Santorini, so make sure Santorini will be the last island that you will visit during your holidays. The memory of the colours of Oia’s sunset will accompany you throughout the rest of the year and will make you look forward to visiting the island again.

Kythnos – Syros – Mykonos

Do you want to combine tranquility with entertainment? Take a trip to Kythnos, Syros and Mykonos. Kythnos is a small island where you can move around on foot, wander through the picturesque alleys and eat in the traditional tavernas. The island’s beaches with their deep blue waters will enchant you, and we suggest to not miss the opportunity to swim at the famous Apokrita beach. Arriving in Syros, the impressive Cycladic architecture and neoclassical buildings will delight you and make you wonder why this island is not considered one of the most famous Greek islands. From Syros you can take the ferry and in 30 minutes you can arrive in Mykonos. The island of winds and your luxury Elite Estates villa, await you for an unforgettable summer holiday!

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