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Your ferry reaches the port of Mykonos and as you step out you can feel it in the air…there is something different about this island. Tranquility? Serenity? Euphoria? You cannot pinpoint it exactly, but you been waiting for this moment to arrive. You may have read all about it or heard about the experience, but nothing can describe the feeling of being there in real life. It’s the perfect combination of sun-drenched beaches and tranquil sea, where Old World charm meets modern luxury. When you really need to recharge your batteries and experience a little downtime, a place like Mykonos is a perfect fit.

When you hear about Mykonos the first think that pops in mind is big parties, cosmopolitan venues, luxurious vibes with nightlife in full swing. But that’s not the only face of Mykonos. Kind people, world-renown hospitality, crystal clear waters in remote beaches far away from the busting bars, traditional taverns with Mediterranean dishes, narrow picturesque streets with whitewashed cube-shaped houses, royal blue shutters with colorful Bougainvillea flowers, archaeological treasures, countless activities, open-air cinema, museums…that’s the face of Mykonos not many people know about. But they should.

The Greek Food, Of Course!

One of the best ways to make vivid memories of a place you visit is to try the local cuisine of course! As you can imagine, the island of Mykonos is well-known for its seafood. Fresh, tasteful and cooked with “meraki”. Not a fish person? No worries, you can always try Kalamari, octopus and the seafood dip that just about every restaurant has their own special variation of.

Other dishes one should definitely try in Mykonos are the following traditional dishes:

  • Louza: The louza meat product of Mykonos is made from local pork. The bit that is selected for louza is the best fillet from the back of the animal. The unique way of cooking gives meat an unforgettable taste since not only does the fillet stay for 24 hours in the salt, but also it’s flavored with spices and pepper.
  • Kopanisti: Kopanisti is the famous “cream cheese” of Mykonos. It’s taste is very special, spicy and really hot.
  • Traditional Sour Cheese or Xinotyro: It’s like the classic sour cheese of Greece but in Mykonos it rests for more time in the sun and gets tougher. It is fruity, fragrant, sour and ideal crumbled into red sauce and pasta.
  • Myconian sausages: The Mykonian sausages are among the better. Only made from pork, without fat and seasoned only with plenty of savory, pepper and oregano. Dried in the air are guarantee a great dining experience.

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, you can always enjoy a traditional Mediterranean lunch or dinner at one of the numerous Greek taverns located all around Mykonos. Either with panoramic sea view, by the sea or located in an alley full trees you will enjoy Traditional Greek Food in unique settings which combine the beautiful and elegant environment with stylish decoration and intimate atmosphere.

Getting Active – But Not Too Active

Mykonos is a great destination if you want to be active on your vacations! With rocky cliffs and windy roads dotting the coastline you can find countless spots to go for a hike.

Other highly recommended activities are the bike tours! Engage with a fascinating mixture of experiences while exploring Mykonos island on a bike!  Take the time to inhale the freedom offered by a cycling adventure and capture each moment with all your senses sharpened. Our aim is familiarizing Mykonos’ visitors with authentic images of the island and its hidden gems. All tours explore non-touristic, rural parts of Mykonos’ countryside and pristine beaches!

In case you are into activities which involve the sea then you should definitely go for a boat dive. One of the first things that will strike you is the crystal clear, blue-turquoise and so transparent water. Fish are one of the most interesting part of the sea fauna, they are diverse and colorful.

Last but not least, at one of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos the Meltemi wind blows all summer long, from May to October, with up to 6Bft inside Kalaftis Bay. This windy place offers you the ideal conditions for relaxed freerides and cool freestyle sessions in its never crowded vastness, perfect for everyone who wants to live for their addiction to windsurf.

Did I Mention the Beaches in Mykonos?

Crystal clear water, long sandy beaches, comfortable loungers and cold cocktails…what else could I ask for? What better way to begin your vacations than to relax on a beach and enjoy the sun in one of Mykonos’ beautiful beaches. The options are countless as Mykonos is one of the few islands in which the visitor has the possibility of being in a different beach every few minutes with waters being crystal clear all around the island, making it impossible to choose the best beach. All the beaches are about 65, some of them you can go by the car and others only by the sea:

  • Ftelia, to ride the waves! This is the place where fanatic windsurfers go, praying for North winds. When there is no wind, the place is perfect for swimming.
  • Lia, for the thick sand. Family with children, nature lovers from all over the world, slender models with tiny bikinis and big group of friends: everyone goes to Lia, even though it is one of the most distant beached from Chora. And this is because it has thick sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters and is surrounded by rocks that make the scnery even more beautiful. On the beach you will find umbrellas, sun loungers, a beach bar and a scuba diving school.
  • Panormos, with the fluffy sand. The most bohemian beach of Mykonos attracts Greeks and foreigners with a preference to tuffets, large cushions and warm fluffy sand rather than sun loungers. Throughout the beach’s long stretch, the sand is fine and the waters shallow and turquoise. Beach volley fans will adore it.
  • Super Paradise, to have fun! This is the most famous with crystal-clear blue waters and fine golden sand. At Super Paradise you will enjoy refreshing daquiris and you will dance to the loud and rhythmic celebrities and wannabe stars. At Jackie’O Beach with the magnificent infinity pool you will learn all about the good life: Massage on the beach, fresh oysters and scallops at the Oyster Bar and Cuban cigars after dinner and restaurant. On the far end of the beach you will find the timeless Cavo Paradiso, hosting Greek and foreign DJ’s.
  • Ornos, because it is a beach sheltered from the north wind! One of the most popular beaches of Mykonos, Ornos is located very close to Chora. Here flock those who do not have a vehicle to reach the more distant beaches, the guests of the area’s many hotels, but also anyone who enjoys good food, since many restaurants serve on the beach.
  • Psarrou, for celebrity watching! It is the island’s most cosmopolitan beach, mentioned ardently in foreign magazines. Visitors require an elevated social status to get a table at Nammos while service on the sun loungers compares to that of five star hotels. Call a day in advance to reserve a sun lounger on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Paraga, to try some daring divers! Small but charming, Paraga beach is quite popular to the young crowd as well as the youth at heart! Almost all over the beach there are umbrellas and sun loungers and you will also find popular beach bars and restaurants that serve tasty food.
  • Paradise, to experience the never-ending beach-fun! A hangout of the younger crowd, paradise beach remain synonymous to the Mykonian beach party. Less cosmopolitan than Super Paradise and obviously more relaxed, it offers to visitor thick sand, a multitude of bars and restaurants, rooms to let and camping. The loud music will follow you even while you swim!
  • Kalafatis, for the watersports! Kalafatis beach is a true paradise for those who love watersports! Leaving aside the beloved classics you can initiate yourself to scuba diving on the Scuba Diving School that operates on the beach, giving lessons and take to you the most interesting spots of underwater Mykonos!

The options are countless whichever “scene” you prefer, either an organized beach with loud house music, waiters running around, cocktails and spacious loungers or remote romantic bays with a traditional tavern, Mykonos can cover your every need! Make sure to book your Mykonos Villa for your summer vacations.

Get Lost in Mykonos, and Find Yourself Again

The heart of Mykonos is with no doubt Mykonos Town, which is called Chora. With its endless, traditional, cycladic blue, its white houses and its tiny streets full of shops, churches, and windmills, Mykonos Town is the place to be. Each little corner and every beautiful house is a moment that it should be captured in a photograph.

Mykonos Town offers a variety of things to do; from bars to restaurants and cafeterias, to fashionable clothes and accessories boutiques, you’ll never run out of ideas and things to do! Here you will have the opportunity to pick up some traditional Greek souvenirs, like olive oil products or leather sandals and postcards for memories that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

One of the most famous and characteristic places in Mykonos is the windmills of Little Venice. It is named ‘Little Venice’ because of its similarity with Italy’s Venice concerning its architecture and exceptional beauty. Located in the Mykonos Town (Chora), you can get there and relax, choosing between the various bars and cafes right on the shore, enjoying  the view of Little Venice. You can also visit the windmills and take a cruise from Ormos Port as you watch the sunset from the sea.

Characterized as one of the most famous architectural and religious monuments of the Cyclades islands in total, the Church Panagia Paraportiani is a definitely one of the things you must see. It is located in the cultured center of the island right next to Aegean Sea, with direct access and sits on the old Castle of Mykonos.

Paraportiani took this name because of its location. In fact, it is located next to the small gate (“paraporti” in Greek) of the medieval wall of Mykonos. It is a two-storey building, which consists of five churches. Four of them are on the ground floor and one is elevated. The elevated church is the one with the name of Panagia Paraportiani.

Created in the first period between the 16th and 17th centuries and because of the fact that its architectural heritage is irreplaceable, it is for years an important monument not only for Mykonos but also for the whole Aegean islands. It is, undoubtedly, one of the most photographed places of Greece and everyone who travels to Mykonos should visit it.

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