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Beach Vacations in September: The Top 3 Destinations

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Beach Vacations in September: The Top 3 Destinations

September in Greece is just an extension of summer

There are times when the word “Autumn” hurts. The sun is still blazing outside, all you want is to lie down on a beach, but instead you are wished a “good winter”. Ouch!
Keeping that in mind, you should always save some energy—and leave, we must say—for September each summer, regardless of how many holidays you have already taken. Beach vacations in September are a great gift to yourself.

There is much less stress, cheaper prices, and calmer weather. The fewer people, the more peace and pleasure you will enjoy, as well as more comfort and, of course, a higher standard of living for you. In addition, there’s still plenty of sunshine, which makes you want to curl up on a sun lounger or swim until late at night.

The organization is also much simpler. As a result, tickets and accommodations are much easier to obtain for the destination you are interested in, and there is no need to despair due to increased demand and crowding.

3. Mykonos

Beach Vacations in September: The Top 3 Destinations, ELITE ESTATES

With fewer crowds than July and August, September is a great month for exploring Mykonos from a more idyllic angle. Swimming in crystal clear waters, strolling through beautiful alleyways, tasting traditional cuisine, and watching magical sunsets are just some activities you can enjoy on the island during the first month of autumn. Despite its non-stop entertainment and endless crowds of tourists, the island still has so much more to offer than non-stop crowds. Tourists flock to Mykonos during summer; it’s the high season, after all. As people gather to consume alcohol and food in the evenings, the alleyways become crowded, and it’s hard to deeply enjoy your wandering there. But, the picturesque alleyways in Matogiannia can be explored by admiring the white houses with blue windows while enjoying a tasty cocktail and soaking up the serenity of Mykonos in September.

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2. Corfu

Beach Vacations in September: The Top 3 Destinations, ELITE ESTATES

For many people, it is most pleasant to visit Greece and its islands between April and May and September and October, since the weather is sweeter. In September, a morning swim in Corfu remains warm and beautiful, and the oaks and olive trees of its hills are still green, allowing you to enjoy your old-town walks in the afternoons.

The island of Corfu has a long and rich history associated with Greek culture and tradition.

An unsurpassed natural beauty where you can explore dozens of attractions, discover beautiful beaches along over 215 kilometers of coastline, and discover a well-developed and dense road network will make you fall in love with this destination!

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1. Santorini

Beach Vacations in September: The Top 3 Destinations, ELITE ESTATES

September is a favorite month for the locals. After a hot summer, the sea is now warmer than ever, the sky is clear all day, and the afternoons are cooler. During this season, the sunsets in Oia turn gold and the Caldera appears to be more intensely blue.

Dips in the Aegean Sea are ideal in the Autumn because the water temperature ranges between 25 and 30 degrees, making it warm and cool at the same time. It is also unlikely that rain will fall this month; so there is no need to worry about this. For summer evenings in the cool air, all you need is a long sleeve shirt. While exploring Santorini’s alleys or swimming on its beaches, you will discover stunning scenery!

In the meantime, how about the nightlife? Well, there are still plenty of places to eat and drink in Santorini in September, so you will not miss out on any entertainment or parties. In addition, famous bars continue to hold parties despite the lack of crowds. During the summer, the island suffocates from people, while in September everything is more calm. A dip in the sea in September is also more peaceful and spacious than in the summer, which makes it a more enjoyable experience than in August.

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