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Why You Should Visit Mykonos in September

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Why You Should Visit Mykonos in September

Discover the island from an entirely new perspective

It is hard to think of Mykonos without thinking of an island full of people and endless fun, and is indeed realistically described in this way. There are, however, many other things that it has to offer. Little by little, the crowds start to thin out after the end of summer, making it easier to move around and see what the island has to offer. Thus, what makes Mykonos in September so magical?

September offers us a chance to explore Mykonos from a more idyllic perspective, while avoiding the crowds of July and August. During the first month of autumn on the island, you can swim in crystal clear waters, stroll through beautiful alleyways, taste traditional cuisine, and enjoy magical sunsets. The question is, why should one visit Mykonos during a period when others leave?

There is more peace and quiet at the beautiful sandy beaches

One of the biggest benefits of September is that the islands beaches are much quieter than in the summer. Swimming in the sea in September is more peaceful and there is more space—something impossible in summer. Agios Sostis, Psarrou, Elia, and Elia are certainly worth visiting. These beaches will not be seen again in the condition they are in at this time of year.

There is no crowding in the alleys

The excessive crowd has already left the island—an island which has much more to offer than non-stop entertainment and endless crowds of visitors. Chora is a very popular tourist destination during the summer; it’s the high season, after all. The alleys become crowded in the evenings when people gather to enjoy drinks or food. You can, however, spend hours gazing at the white houses with blue windows and enjoying the serenity of Mykonos in September by exploring the picturesque alleyways in Matogiannia.

Why You Should Visit Mykonos in September, ELITE ESTATES

The weather is ideal in Mykonos in September

September is an extension of summer on Mykonos. If you’re concerned about the weather at this time of the year, we recommend that you think of it as just another day in the summer. Thus, if you are looking to escape the crowds and noise of August, take your swimsuit and enjoy the turquoise waters of the island in September. The temperature ranges between 25 and 30 degrees, so it is both warm and cool, while the water temperature is ideal for scuba diving in the Aegean. In addition, it is almost impossible to encounter rain this month. A long sleeve is all you need for the cool summer evenings. Swim at Mykonos’ beaches and enjoy the stunning scenery!

Summer’s party atmosphere remains

If you visit Mykonos in September, you will not miss out on any parties or entertainment, since the bars and restaurants still offer their excellent services. Similarly, at famous beaches and bars like Super Paradise, beach parties continue energetically—except with no crowds that suffocate them during the summer months. The sea is also more peaceful and spacious in September, which is impossible in summer, making your dips more enjoyable.

Explore the island of the winds from a completely different perspective

Mykonos conjures images of an island full of wild parties (even with a pandemic present this summer). Mykonos is also known for its famous parties around the world. With so many people flocking to the alleyways during the summer months to have fun or see celebrities up close, it can often be impossible to even stroll through them. From June until August, this occurs. However, like many other Greek islands, Mykonos’ tourist season runs from April to October, so it’s worthwhile to visit an island in September, after the summer heat, where Mykonos offers the same as summer, but in much more relaxed rhythms and without as much pretense.

Luxury Villas are still available to offer you an experience of a lifetime

When you want to enjoy Mykonos’ unique experience to the fullest, make sure that the accommodation you choose has a corresponding vibe with the island. You’d be better off choosing one of the luxury villas in Mykonos from our unique collection or even find luxury villas in other destinations, e.g. luxury villas in Crete. The villas are lavish and comfortable, with private pools and breathtaking views of the sunset. Make your booking and visit Mykonos in September without wasting a minute.

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