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Top 10 Villas for Rent in Mykonos | The Ultimate Guide

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Are you planning to visit one of the most popular places in Greece, Mykonos Island? We have for you the best suggestions for your stay, to live the ultimate experience in this idyllic place. 

Mykonos is considered the island of the winds. It is said that the island is named after Mykonos, the grandson of Apollo. Its beauty is incomparable and combines its magical landscape with elegance and sophistication. Many celebrities have visited the island before and they all leave having lived something magical, something that will be unforgettable and they will hardly find it in any other place in the world. It is undoubtedly the top greek destination and every single view is absolutely breathtaking. 

To live Mykonos’ experience to the fullest, one thing you definitely need is to book your stay in one of Mykonos’ top villas. We have prepared for you a list with all the information you need to know in order to book the best villa that suits your needs and desires.

Here are some of our suggestions to make the best choice for your stay.

Bluewave Villa

One of the most stylish and elegant options for your stay is Bluewave Villa near Kalo Livadi. This Mykonos’ villa combines everything you wish for in your trip. Luxury, peace and places to visit nearby. Bluewave villa is ultra-spacious, as up to 36 people can spend their days and nights there, is fully equipped and follows the Mykonian way of living. 

Check out Bluewave Villa

Villa Blue Emerald

Only 1-3 minutes from the seaside, the Mykonos’ villa Blue Emerald has the best of both worlds. Combines the idyllic sea view and a marvellous property, ready to fulfil all your needs and amenities. This Mykonos’ villa has both beautiful indoor and outdoor space in order to enjoy time inside and out.

Check out Villa Blue Emerald

Casa di Mare

With amazing sunset view Casa di Mare offers a dreamy stay and fancy conveniences. The large pool, the bar and the BBQ are just a few of the amenities that this villa offers. The quiet environment and the beautiful terrace will leave you speechless.

Check out Villa Casa di Mare

Villa Juliet

Villa Juliet has everything you will need in Mykonos. When it comes to architecture represents the actual Mykonian styles with some elegant touches. It is a 400-square-foot villa located in an area of ​​4,000 square feet. It’s near to Mykonos town (about 10 minutes driving) and very close to Ftelia beach (about 2 minutes walking). Can host 12 people so is ideal for large families and groups of friends. 

Check out Villa Juliet

Villa Sunshine

Villa Sunshine is an amazing Mykonos’ Villa with breathtaking view and style. It is the perfect place to relax and have the time of your life in Mykonos. This tastefully decorated place has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and has space for up to 12 guests.

Check out Villa Sunshine 

Villa Serafina

This is one of Mykonos’ top villas and it has a classy appearance and many facilities, from a private pool to incomparable sea view. The property is mindblowing due to the fact that it is equally beautiful indoors and outdoors. This dynamic combination can make your stay even more memorable.

Check out Villa Serafina 

Villa Samira

Villa Samira is a light-gathering property with all the comforts. Located in Agia Sofia, provides an elegant and family-friendly environment to spend a life-longing beautiful stay in Mykonos. It is spacious and provides a wide variety of amenities. 

Check out Villa Samira

Villa Amaryllis

This Mykonos’ villa, with the magnificent view from the peak of the island’s hill named Kounoupas, provides a panoramic picture of the island. It is designed to offer you the ultimate Mykonos experience through elegance and charm.

Check out Villa Amaryllis 

Villa Dahlia

Villa Dahlia has the best view of the Aegean sea and has space for up to 6 guests. Interior and exterior design present the absolute Mykonian style, full of elegance and beauty. Villa’s private jacuzzi and infinity pools reveal this property’s charm.

Check out Villa Dahlia 

Villa Alecia

Villa Alecia combines all comforts that a property in Mykonos can offer you. Space for 12 guests, infinity pool, built-in BBQ and a charming chapel will give you the certainty that you found the place you definitely want to stay.  In a dreamy location, this Mykonos villa will definitely offer all the comforts that you may need.

Check out Villa Alecia 

Choosing to spend your time in Mykonos is the best choice if you wish to feel free, see new things, relax and enjoy some of the most beautiful views in the world. These Mykonos’ top villas can offer you the best experience during your stay. Do your research, check our wide list of luxury Mykonos villas, and make the right choice for you, based on your own taste, style & needs.

 In whichever villa you decide to stay, everything will be set and done for you, in order to make the most memorable trip of your life the way you always wanted it to be. We always aim to offer bespoke vacation experiences for guests who want something special. All you need to do is ask. Our team will make you feel secure that you’re always getting the best choice for their needs.


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