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How To Spend 3 Days In Mykonos Greece

If you are about to escape from your daily routine for a while there’s no better place like a Greek island and especially Mykonos! Even …


How to Experience Mykonos in Style

When you see photos of white-sand beaches with crystal-clear turquoise water, sugar-cube shaped buildings, Cycladic architecture and narrow paved streets full of people and relentless …


Mykonos, the new destination for art lovers

Mykonos, a high-end hotspot successfully combines parting and fine art in a unique kind way. When you hear about Cyclades islands and Mykonos, one of …


“Mykonos as it Once Was” exhibition on cosmopolitan Greek island to July 31

A group exhibition called “Myconos Through the Gaze of Artists: From the Interwar Years to 1960” is being hosted at “The Municipal Art Gallery of …


How to travel like a billionaire in Mykonos

What are the $ 1 million holidays in Mykonos, where you will fly on a private plane, sleep in an ocean villa and cruise the …

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