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Mykonos Windmills

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Mykonos island is one of the most famous and crowded islands in the world during summer and attracts people from all the widths and lengths of the earth. The island not only offers the ultimate nightlife experience with parties on the beach gazing at the reflection of the moon on the sea, but also has many signature sights such as the windmills.

Travelling around Mykonos everyone can observe the imposing presence of big windmills that were mainly being used, in order to crush agricultural yields from the 16th to 19th century. The produced flour was sold to local bakeries, farmers, and their families, and to ships in order to deliver it wherever they wanted.  It is obviously one of the most characteristic features of the island, representing a part of Mykonos’ past and every traveller should visit them.

Mykonos Windmills, ELITE ESTATES

From 16th to 19th Century most of the windmills in Cycladic islands were in operation because of the strong winds, especially due to the Northern “meltemi” wind. The windmills had great importance for the island due to the fact that the sailors stopped by in order to get supplies. They were built with stone, in a spherical shape, windows, and a pointed roof, made of wood. The white color follows the architecture of other island houses and buildings just to point out the contrast with the blue color of the sea.

All 16 windmills in Mykonos are very similar. They are all white in order to conform to the Mykonian island style and the roof is wooden. They are well-placed because they work with the wind and Mykonos is considered “the island of the winds”. Τhe windmills named “Kato Miloi” or “Lower Windmills” are located in a way that they stand in front of Little Venice, one of the most unique places in Mykonos, especially for its sunsets. Upon the hill stands “Bonis Windmill” which is a well-preserved museum now open for public visits. It is a part of Mykonos’ Agricultural Museum built-in 1900-2 in Kamnaki. The oldest windmill standing-still is “Geronymos Windmill which is privately owned, renovated and still has the picturesque features of the classic mykonian windmills as this particular one was producing flour until the 1960s. “O Fournos tou Giora” (Giora’s Bakery) in Neochori village still operates following the traditional manners and mechanism in order to honor the great history of the mykonian windmills.

Mykonos windmills are no longer in operation, however, most of them have undergone renovations and some of them have even turned into museums for visit. It is memorable to stand and watch how beautifully the windmills match with the wind and the sea in Mykonos and together create a magnificent result. 

The symbol of Mykonos can easily be seen from Chora where glorious windmills stand in line and offer a unique view.

The only thing you need to do in order to live the ultimate experience of the mykonian style and admire the historical windmills is to book the best place to stay during your trip to the island of mystery and adventure. Book your favorite villa to Mykonos or alternative destinations villas and experience the holidays of your dreams! 

Mykonos Windmills, ELITE ESTATES


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