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The Best Cocktail Bars on Mykonos

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The Best Cocktail Bars on Mykonos

Where to find the best cocktails in the island of the winds

Mykonos nights are defined by style and elegance. It’s all about cocktails, beach bars, and the magical flavor combinations they bring. Would you be willing to let your glamorous celebrity shine through?

You can have legendary nights, cocktails as night falls, seafood dinners that will excite your palate, or opt for a luxurious beach bar experience, where you can sip your cocktail to the music of famous DJs. You will probably run wild with your imagination when you are on Mykonos!

Having a night out on this legendary Cycladic island is a unique experience in itself. A cocktail in a small bar in Little Venice, to a sophisticated recipe in a large club on the island: entertainment in Mykonos is distinguished by luxury and style – This applies not only to Greek islands, but to all other destinations as well.

Relax on the cushions outside a small, charming bar in the narrow streets of Chora with its white and blue houses surrounding you, or go somewhere more sophisticated. One thing is certain: you will feel like a star wherever you are. A true celebrity. Keep in mind that you are on Mykonos after all.

The question is, though, where should you drink your cocktail?

The Best Cocktail Bars on Mykonos, ELITE ESTATES

180⁰ Sunset Bar

There is no doubt that the 1800 Sunset Bar is one of the most photographed spots in Mykonos, located in the Panigyraki castle (one of the oldest parts of the island). Upon reaching the top of the hill, right above Mykonos Town, the feeling that surrounds you cannot be described in words. You are surrounded by endless views of the open horizon. Seeing this canvas of a sunset is like seeing a painting that captivates the eye and captures all its beauty frame by frame. You can enjoy a cool, refreshing cocktail there, we recommend the Serenity and the Bliss, while listening to relaxing music. It is an idyllic environment, which will surely fill you with the most beautiful memories!

Alley Bar

Located in the backstreets of Mykonos Town, this whitewashed corner house has bench seats and wicker outdoor stools. At the end of the alley, with its white walls enveloping it on either side, this bar has a postcard-perfect sea view. Cocktails are the focus here, often infused with Greek spirits, including ouzo and mastiha, as well as herbs like mint and basil. It isn’t just a bar that does cocktails, it’s a cocktail bar emphatically and, in the daytime, it makes for an atmospheric place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Jackie O’

There’s nothing like a dazzling night out on Mykonos in this swanky spot overlooking Super Paradise Beach, a symbol of the upmarket club and bar scene there. In Jackie O’, one of the best Cocktail Bars on Mykonos, numerous people happily sip premium liquors and order tuna tataki, a deconstructed baklava and more fine-dining dishes, around the pool on a clifftop jumble of tables and sofas, they enjoy the beach club’s amenities all day or drink sunset cocktails with a DJ’s music. It’s all fun and games with drag queen hosts and cheeky waiters; don’t miss the chance to visit it!

The Best Cocktail Bars on Mykonos, ELITE ESTATES


Queen, located in Matoyianna, is one of the most famous champagne bars. A wide selection of wine and drinks is available, and the bartenders are always ready to surprise you with unique suggestions. Alternatively, if you prefer a cocktail, choose something champagne-based, such as the Bellini, or a signature drink, such as the Blow Me, which combines fresh watermelon, lime juice, agave syrup, and green apple liqueur.


Bao’s: a bar with an …attitude! Feel the summer wash over you as you dance until the morning with a Mama Colada with rum, coconut, and other fresh fruits or choose a Bitter Juniper with gin, chartreuse, lavender, and tonic!

After reading our list of the best cocktail bars in Mykonos, let’s see how you can make your vacation (and your cocktails) even more enjoyable!
The secret lies at booking a unique villa, located in a convenient location, with privacy and next to the lively Chora, allowing you to live like a Greek god.

After all, if you’re not an extrovert, you can still enjoy your own, handmade cocktail there, surrounded by luxury and a magical setting, just like the one Blue Pearl and Polyxeni villas can offer!


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