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The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mykonos

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The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mykonos

The finest restaurants on the island of winds

Gourmets will discover that Mykonos is a paradise on earth for those who enjoy fine dining. The island of winds, known for its elegant, majestic restaurants, renowned chefs, and flavors that combine tradition and modernity, guarantees that you will be able to have an unforgettable culinary experience.

You can satisfy all of your senses at the same time with unique flavors, served in unique places. You will not be able to find these delicious dishes anywhere else in the world, and they promise you a magical, unforgettable journey!

Thus, allow us to highlight five of the best fine dining restaurants in Mykonos.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mykonos, ELITE ESTATESPoint

Located in Chora, in the beautiful Little Venice, Point is one of the best restaurants in Mykonos serving Mediterranean cuisine. Using fresh and traditional ingredients, you will discover all the secrets of Mediterranean flavors in a majestic place, with elegant island décor and bright colors.

A special e-table tip: Try the shrimp spaghetti, seafood spaghetti, mussels, pies, grilled fish, and the meats that are grilled to perfection. The wonderful homemade sweets, including orange pie and pavlova, will complement your rich meal perfectly!


Apaggio in Ornos is another great fine dining restaurant in Mykonos. Featuring beautiful décor, white tables, comforting sofas, and an island-y atmosphere, allows you to enjoy delicious Greek cuisine in this idyllic setting by the sea. Fresh fish from the fishermen of Mykonos, sea urchins, pines, and octopuses are included on the delicious menu.

We suggest trying Santorini fava with caramelized onion and caper cube, savory donuts with feta and halloumi, urchin salad with ouzo and kritamo rusks, octopus meatballs, noodles with shrimp and raisio with shrimp and risotto.

COYA Mykonos

A strong, festive mood greets COYA‘s re-opening for the summer in Mykonos. In addition to the picturesque hidden garden and Pisco Bar, the brand new COYA Club awaits guests for an unforgettable party that combines the vibrant culture of Peru with the cosmopolitan feel of Mykonos. COYA is a place where you can have everything you’ve ever wanted!

Authentic Peruvian fusion cuisine infused with Chinese, Japanese and Spanish influences characterizes COYA Mykonos’s menu. COYA‘s menu consists of some internationally acclaimed signature dishes, as well as unique special selections, made with fresh ingredients from local suppliers and using high-quality ingredients.

On the menu, which has a very summery vibe, we will find light, colorful, and healthy flavors, with the emphasis given on the taste. A group of sharing dishes made with the freshest ingredients from local suppliers, suited for the middle of the table. Of course, we’ll savor variations on classic tyrantitis, ceviche, and antikoutsos in their most refined form, as well as other fusions, creations of high gastronomy that are always inspired by Peru. It’s a fiery dish made with tiger prawns baked in a Josper oven with aji panca and cheeses. We highly recommend booking a table and experiencing fine dining at its best.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Mykonos, ELITE ESTATESNammos

Nammos Restaurant is one of Mykonos’ most iconic fine dining restaurants; if you haven’t been there, you haven’t been to Mykonos.

As of 2003, Nammos restaurant is constantly expanding to popular destinations such as Dubai, from its beginnings on the charismatic Psarou beach in Mykonos. Being the ultimate lifestyle pioneer of the island, Nammos offers lively flavors to entice the senses, curated with the finest ingredients, and parties to capture the essence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.


On the island of the Winds, award-winning chef Athenagoras Kostakos creates a new hearth of Greek cuisine. But what is its name? Branco!

Athenagoras always dreamed of opening a traditional Greek restaurant in Mykonos that he believed was missing. K-Studio, the experts in atmosphere design, create a relaxing and elegant environment in which Athengoras sets up a table that smells of Greece, in the words of chef de cuisine Aristotelis Zervas. Already the welcome dish (marinated anchovies with olives and airy honeysuckle) has a distinct Greek flair. The virtues of this cuisine are its high-quality raw material and the way in which Greek flavors are married with modern cooking techniques without altering their original characteristics.


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