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5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19

It was a rough time for all of us globally. Even if not traveling at all is a healthy precaution, you can at least consider visiting one of the 5 safest countries for your summer vacation. We are referring to the countries that have effectively dealt with the Covid-19 in a timely and practical manner.
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There is no “Corona-Virus-Free” country right now. The COVID-19 has now reached the pandemic stage. In any case, we all dream of our summer vacation for 2020.

Summer Vacation Hygiene Routine – COVID-19

Well, it is natural to relax during your vacation. In any way, you shouldn’t neglect your hygienic daily routine:

  • Remember all the daily sanitary and hygienic measures are needed to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus.
  • Wash your hands several times a day (for at least 40 seconds).
  • Avoid shaking hands, hugging, or kissing (at least with people that are not family).
  • Wear a mask in public places whether recommended or mandatory.
  • Keep a sanitizer in your pocket in case you can’t wash your hands.

Greece for Summer Vacation during COVID-19

The measures that Greece took in COVID19 outbreak, are among the most proactive and strictest in Europe. These measures have been credited globally for having stalled the spread of the Coronavirus while having kept the number of deaths among the lowest in Europe.

Health and state authorities issued precautionary guidelines and recommendations, while measures up to early March were taken locally and introduced the closure of schools and the suspension of cultural events in the affected areas.

On 10 March, with 89 affirmed cases and no deaths, the government chose to suspend the operation of educational institutions of all levels nationwide. On 13 March, closed down all cafes, bars, museums, malls, sports facilities and restaurants in the country.

5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19, ELITE ESTATES

On 22 March, the Greek authorities announced restrictions on all non-essential transportation everywhere in the country. Greece is now returning to normalcy, gradually rejecting the measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19, having a positive impact so far.

Greece’s climate during summer is not the favorite of COVID-19. The combination of preventive measures and the ideal climate, make Greece the supreme country for summer vacation.

And we haven’t even mentioned the incomparable beauty of the islands and its coastline. Mykonos and Santorini are beautiful and internationally recognized holiday destinations. We think it is unnecessary to mention the advantages of renting a Greek Villa -luxurious and private- , like luxury villas in Zakynthos, for your vacation during the COVID-19…

5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19, ELITE ESTATES


According to Oxford University, as of 24 March, Croatia is globally the country with the strictest restrictions and measures for infection reduction in relation to the number of infected. The strict measures, early detection of spread routes, immediate government response, wide media coverage, and citizen cooperation have been credited for thriving containment of the Coronavirus in Croatia.

5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19, ELITE ESTATES

For the citizens, the Government set up a website ( for all learning they are interested in, as well as a new phone line (113) that has volunteers answering their questions.

On 3 April the Croatian Institute of Public Health implemented a Facebook chatbot called Nada, and on the 14 April, the Government presented a WhatsApp chatbot nicknamed Andrija. Nada and Andrija are also intended to relieve human medical workers of the pressure by “working on the phones 24/7”.


The COVID-19 pandemic was proved to have reached Lithuania in February 2020. On 18 March 2020, the first domestic case was confirmed, the first infected being an immediate family member of a known case. The first samples of community spread were detected in the country on 19 March and the first associated death occurred on 20 March 2020.

5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19, ELITE ESTATES

The Lithuanian government initially declared quarantine from 16 March to 30 March, but it was stretched many times[and is currently set to end on 31 May. There are still no confirmed cases of coronavirus in 5 out of 60 Lithuanian municipalities. It’s a beautiful country and worths your attention!


The COVID-19 pandemic was proved to have hit Latvia on 2 March 2020.

On 13 March, the government sealed all educational institutions and forbidden crowd gatherings until 14 April, which was later lengthened to 12 May. Many concerts and events were canceled and transferred to other dates. As of 20 March, at least 1,600 culture and entertainment events had been affected.

5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19, ELITE ESTATES

On 29 March, the government established a number of more stringent regulations. First, all persons’ obligation is to maintain a 2-meter distance and perceive epidemiological safety measures in private and public events, as well as throughout public indoor and outdoor activities.

Trading and public catering venues are however permitted to hold more persons while keeping the 2-meter distance and including serving safety measures.

On 7 May, The Cabinet of Ministers prolonged the state of emergency until 9 June but lifted some of the restrictions. Prominently, starting 12 May, outdoor and up to 3-hour indoor concentrations up to 25 people would be permitted while keeping the two-meter distancing and providing disinfectants. A mouth and nose cover would be expected in public transport. Travel and tourism would also be allowed within the three Baltic states (along with Lithuania and Estonia).


Even if you ‘ve got to check in what region of Estonia you should travel, countries that took the strictest measures as soon as possible, are considered to be the safest to travel.

5 Safest Countries to Visit for Summer Vacation | COVID-19, ELITE ESTATES

On 13 March, the Estonian government declared a state of emergency until 1 May. All public gatherings were forbidden, including sports and cultural events. Schools and colleges were also closed. Border control was restored with health checks at each crossing and entry point.

Further restrictions were set up by the government:

  • To set up full border controls from 17 March on, with only the following people allowed to enter the country: citizens of Estonia, permanent residents, their relatives, and transport workers carrying out delivery products.
  • From 14 March, Estonia’s western islands Hiiumaa, Saaremaa, Muhu, Vormsi, Kihnu, and Ruhnu were closed to all but residents.
  • Operating bans were extended to recreation and leisure establishments, ordering sports halls and clubs, gyms, pools, aqua centers, saunas, daycares, and children’s playrooms to be closed immediately.

COVID-19 FAQs – Before Travelling

Whats is the safest country for vacation during Coronavirus?

Greece has been credited globally for halting the spread of the Coronavirus keeping the number of deaths among the lowest in Europe. The combination of preventive measures, the ideal climate, and the superb islands make Greece the supreme country for a summer vacation in 2020.

What is the best type of accommodation during COVID-19?

Avoid large hotel complexes and very touristy places. Consider renting a private greek luxury villa and spend the safest possible summer vacation for you and your family.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus? 

Most of the time the coronavirus causes symptoms similar to those of flu such as fever, breathing hassles, cough, painful throat but also muscle pain and significant weakness, according to Public Health Agency. All of the above these symptoms heal spontaneously. Some people (3% of cases) can develop critical pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, or even septic shock.

Who are the people most at risk?

The aged and those already enduring a disease (cardiovascular disease, diabetes, liver disease, etc). Those that are over 80 years old affected have a 15% risk of dying. However, kids seem to have been widely spared from the Coronavirus pandemic.

What is the death rate from Coronavirus? 

According to World Health Organization, 96,6% of patients who contracted COVID-19 survived. This rate is confirmed by the latest figures (20th March 2020).


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