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Greece Honeymoon – Choose the Best Greek Destination

Greece is one of the few places in the world that can connect the most romantic little corners to culture and a wide variety of options for all preferences and budgets, turning your honeymoon into the experience of a lifetime.
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You may have heard about it, read it or seen it, but now it’s time to really learn how a Greece honeymoon lives up to its hype!

When most people think of a honeymoon, pictures of calm seas, sandy beaches and romantic sunsets come to mind, most probably from cliché exotic destinations, like the Caribbean or Indonesia. You could see a photo from the most well-known honeymoon resorts around the globe, and they would all look alike – you wouldn’t be able to guess where the photo is from, exactly. Here comes your Greece honeymoon to spice things up!

Greece is one of the few places in the world that can connect the most romantic little corners to culture and a wide variety of options for all preferences and budgets, turning your honeymoon into the experience of a lifetime.

To be perfectly clear, there’s nothing wrong with Hawaii or Bora Bora, but Greece should definitely be a destination to consider for your honeymoon especially because it has so much to offer. Whether you choose a single destination to stay and relax, or prefer to put some action into your honeymoon by combining nearby destinations, Greece is for you. Here’s a useful guide to help you make up your mind and choose the best Greek destination for your Greece honeymoon!


The capital of Greece has seen some tremendous improvements over the last decade. What Athens used to lack in infrastructure especially in comparison to other major European capitals, it has now made up in safety, delicious food, sightseeing and culture, and of course romantic corners scattered across the narrow streets of Plaka and Anafiotika!

This recent bloom of Athens has gifted the city with some beautiful hotels with magnificent views and top-notch decoration in the most up-and-coming neighbors of the center, ideal for two lovebirds starting their lives together as a couple.

However, here’s a tip that would offer you much more privacy and a luxurious honeymoon away from the crowds: a villa by the sea! Areas like Glyfada or Lagonissi feature some extremely gorgeous and affordable villas with private pools and hot tubs, while the Athenian Riviera Villas are known for their luxury amenities. 

No matter what you finally choose, your Athens romantic accommodation will never be a problem!

Like true Mediterraneans, Athenians dine rather late in the evening, so be prepared. In the capital of Greece, you will find some of the best fine dining restaurants of Europe, like Cookoovaya, Varoulko and Hytra (just to name a few) which will offer the newlyweds romantic candlelit dinners and a selection of the best Greek wines to celebrate their love.

If you’re more of an alternative couple looking for a true Greek experience, the traditional taverns at Psyrri will serve their purpose well! But don’t worry because there’s still time to enjoy the nightlife, from an aperitif on a rooftop overlooking the Acropolis, to a delicious cocktail at one of the city’s many romantic cocktail bars – Athens, after all, has a great history in fine drinking.

And don’t forget that while enjoying your honeymoon under the romantic sky of Attica, you’ll be able to explore all its culture by visiting the Acropolis Museum or the Parthenon at the same time!

Greece Honeymoon – Ionian Sea

While islands on the Aegean, like Santorini, or Crete, are probably the most recognizable ones of Greece, the islands off the northwest coast of the country have some remarkable beaches and romantic getaways to give. Your Greece honeymoon can be organized around the Ionian Sea, where the Heptanese, meaning “the seven islands” lies. Floating on the Ionian Sea, islands like Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos will offer a different experience to the travelling love birds.


One of the most overlooked, and yet picturesque, of the Ionian islands is Corfu. This stretch of land is most notably known for its history — Venetian, French and British, you name it. Today, you’ll see fortresses and castles, as well as many resorts, all offering the romantic honeymoon vibe you’ve been craving for.

But for a once in a lifetime experience, spend your Greece honeymoon in one of the many villas of the island with private pool and dazzling views of the turquoise seas. Lay back and enjoy a massage in the morning or after the beach, and make the most of your private garden and patio with a romantic dinner under the stars after exploring Pontikonisi, the Old Town and Saint Spyridon Church.


Zakynthos (or Zante) is a captivating island with notable natural beauty, which is also why the Caretta-Caretta turtles have chosen some of its magnificent beaches to lay their eggs on – that’s how paradisiac this island is!

By far the most popular and cherished beach in Zakynthos is the Shipwreck. As its names suggests, it features a huge rusty, wrecked ship on its shore. The beach known as “Navagio” in Greek is only accessible by boat and the waters around it are so clear that you’ll feel like you’re floating!

The Shipwreck is one of the most recognizable spots on Earth, with out-of-this-world waters that just make every photo seem photo-shopped! The beauty of Zakynthos is staggering, and you’ll find bliss with your spouse under this island’s sky that will have your Instagram filled with photos for a lifetime!


Kefalonia is another famous island of the Ionian Sea immersed in green, full of natural beauty and mystery. Needless to say accommodation is not a problem as there are plenty of hotels and private villas in Kefalonia, with hot tabs and honeymoon suites that suit all budgets.

In Fiskardo you can spend the night star gazing, sipping wine under the moonlight. To keep the romance going, perhaps Argostoli is not the place for you, as it attracts younger crowds.

The island of Kefalonia offers unique landscape and stunning beaches with emerald waters immersed in green. It is an extremely romantic honeymoon destination overlooked by many, which is why you’ll be able to get nice deals for couples especially in the early summer season.

It features spectacularly beautiful sunsets and refreshing dives in the crystal clear waters, with Myrtos being the most famous beach, surrounded by green hills more picture-perfect than a postcard itself.

Greece Honeymoon – Cyclades

Floating the Aegean Sea for thousands of years, and in close distance to Athens on a short ferry trip, the islands of the Cyclades will be the perfect place to spend your romantic Greece honeymoon without doubt.

We bet you have at least once laid eyes on a photo of the beautiful sunsets of Oia over the caldera in Santorini, and have dreamed of lounging by the pool in some of Mykonos’ top beach bars. The word romantic does not begin to cover the overall feeling of these islands. It tingles just to think of the sun setting over the white-washed houses and the beauty of the sea views is enough to sweep anyone off their feet.

The months we would suggest for a perfect honeymoon in Greece and the Cyclades are May, June, September, and early October. You will avoid the crowds, the high temperatures and most importantly you will be able to spend less on your accommodation and activities by arriving before or after the peak season of July and August. The weather is still ideal for swimming, and for other activities as well, like sailing, sightseeing or just lounging on the beach sipping cocktails!

Here are the islands we recommend to get the most out of your trip. It’s much deserved after all, for spending all this time organizing your wedding, right?

Greece Honeymoon – Mykonos

Coming to think of it, Mykonos is not as popular as Santorini with the romantic crowds. Inextricably linked with partying, it is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t! Mykonos can offer impeccable accommodation, breathtaking sunsets and dinners at the most romantic high-end restaurants, so it should definitely have a place on your Greece honeymoon list!

The island of Mykonos still preserves its traditional architecture, offers way more beaches than Santorini and has an impressive number of beautiful hotels and private villas. To be honest, you’ll spot some of the most modern, minimal and romantic villas on this island, which also come at a very good price in early summer or late afternoon!

The best part of Mykonos, though, is little Venice and the island’s center, called “Chora”, with its picturesque pedestrian little streets (sokakia) filled with shops and restaurants. Couples walk hand in hand, sipping a drink at one of the many hip bars after a day at the beach. You will not regret choosing Mykonos for you honeymoon in Greece, we guarantee that!

Greece Honeymoon – Santorini

We did save the best for last! Santorini might be the most obvious choice for your Greece honeymoon, but for good reason. I mean, who can deny the beauty of Oia? Who can say that they have not fallen in love again with their significant other after watching the sunset at Imerovigli? Is it possible to witness the sun setting over the Caldera, and not get chills down your spine? The sunset is so beautiful people actually clap, and if that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is.

Greece Honeymoon – Choose the Best Greek Destination, ELITE ESTATES


What makes Santorini an unparalleled honeymoon destination, not only in Greece but in the world, is that it combines these views with some of the best restaurants in the world.

What’s more, Santorini is internationally famous for its wines, as the volcanic ground has graced this land with flawless vineyards. Wine-tasting and touring in one (or two!) of the island’s vineyards will definitely enhance the romance between the couple and will keep the wedding’s flames going.

We know that choosing your honeymoon destination is a difficult task. You want everything to be impeccable so you go through the details again and again. You spent all this time organizing the perfect wedding, and now it’s time to organize the perfect honeymoon, too. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Reading and doing extensive research on your ideal honeymoon destinations can put a lot of stress on the newlyweds that’s really unnecessary. Greece, with its laidback vibe and dreamy views, can be the perfect solution to keeping your sanity without having to choose!

Whether you want to stay in one place, like the traditionally romantic Santorini, try something off the beaten track like the Ionian islands, or combine everything with a stay in hip Athens, we know for sure that a honeymoon in Greece is a honeymoon you’ll cherish forever.


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