Beauty Spa

Beauty Spa
Choose among various treatments which aim to make you feel fresh and revitalized. Let yourself in the hands of our experts and enjoy an unforgettable experience in your own LUXURY WORLD OF BEAUTY


Choose from our wide range of massage sessions. Our experienced therapists make sure that each treatment suits your personal needs: Shiatsu, Reflexology, Thai massage, Warm stone massage, Lymphatic massage, Aromatherapy, Back and Shoulders, Massage for Couples, Warm Oil Massage, AloeVera Massage, Thai herbal ball massage.


Our highly trained personnel offers smoothing treatments and services specifically created to match your personal preferences, your fitness goals as well as your needs. We care about your body and your physical well-being.


From cleansing and smoothing to tension releasing and protecting, select from a wide range of facial treatments.

Cleansing, a deep and complete facial, ideal for all skin types.
Treatment / therapy with diamond powder, for immediate renewal and a sense of sparkle in your skin, rich in vitamins, antioxidant-sand restoration fibers.
Proteins’ lift, treatment with a strong cocktail of ingredients which reinforces the supportive tissues of the skin, smoothes wrinkles, maintains elasticity and keeps collagen in high levels.
Hydration, chocolate therapy, after sun facial treatment, body scrub, body mask.


Hair Services: A full range of hair treatments for women, men and children (Haircut, hairstyling, hair coloring, highlights, perm, extensions, braid, straightening, mask therapies).
Nail Care (Manicure/Pedicure): Intensive nail treatments are available using personalized care methods. Our personnel will suggest what suits your personal style.
Make Up Services: Our qualified personnel share their knowledge and valuable experience on day or evening make up.
Finishing Touches: The finishing touches before your night out or party, including a full range of waxing options, eyebrow shaping, eyelashes care, tanning and spray tanning, Hollywood smile, etc.
Permanent Beauty: Award-winning permanent & semi-permanent make-up, dermatological tested.
Waxing: A class method of hair removal, which has excellent results, lasts longer and suits both women and men.



Aromatherapy massage/manicure/pedicure/eyebrow trimming/hairstyling/simple make up.
Aromatherapy massage/manicure/pedicure/eyebrow trimming/hairstyling.
Aromatherapy massage/manicure/pedicure.
Body scrub or body mask /aromatherapy oil massage / facial relaxation/manicure/pedicure/eyebrow trimming/mask treatment for hair/hairstyling and make up.
Fitness& YOGA with personal trainer.
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