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The Top 10 of true Mykonos lovers

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…or how not to feel “new in town”! There is something that all true Mykonos lovers have in common: the knowledge of secret keys –key words, key places, key activities– that are absolute musts in order to make the best out of what this magical island has to offer to its visitors. Here are the ten top ones so that you won’t miss the essence of its magic.

Key words about Mykonos

  • Windmills: overlooking the harbor, the famous windmills are the first thing to catch the breath of Mykonos’s visitors when approaching the island by boat. Most of them were first built in the 16th century and even though they are not operational anymore, they still offer a beautiful sight.
  • Matoyianni: The one-of-a-kind stone paved shopping street of Mykonos is alive almost 24/7! During the day it is the ideal shopping spot, featuring from luxury brand boutiques to fascinating small souvenir shops, while after sunset its elegant restaurants and fancy bars open their doors for the fun to begin!
  • Pelicans: You cannot be called a Mykonian if you don’t know that pelicans are its official mascots. The story started with Petros, a great white pelican that was found wounded, in 1958, by a local fisherman. The bird was healed and never left the island ever since. Today the pelican tradition is carried on by his “heirs”!

Key places in Mykonos

  • Beaches: The truth is that nowhere in the world you will find such a variety of spectacular sandy beaches with crystal clear waters that are ideal for either a long relaxing day in the sun or for the wildest parties!
  • Churches and Monasteries: There are more than 365 churches in Mykonos, most of them whitewashed, with the typical Cycladic blue domes. Along with the imposing, usually Byzantine Monasteries, they offer an ideal opportunity for meditation and awe.
  • Little Venice: Located in the southwest end of the harbor, with multicolored sea washed little houses, this might be the most picturesque neighborhood in the whole Cycladic complex.
  • Delos: Considered as the birthplace of Apollo, the god of light and music, the small island of Delos, just next to Mykonos, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece.

Key activities to do in Mykonos

Last but not least are three more top reasons that make Mykonos one of the most exciting travel destinations: the opportunity to experience all sorts of water sports and other aquatic dream activities, the excellent greek cuisine and, of course, the partying that never stops!


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