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The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022]

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The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022]


Thinking about visiting Greece? Although there are countless islands in Greece to choose from, it’s no coincidence that you will find Mykonos on the top of most lists. Located in the center of the Aegean Sea, Mykonos is definitely the treasure of the Cyclades and one of the most popular holiday destinations worldwide.

The list of Mykonos attractions is rich in every aspect: magnificent beaches, azure sea waters, majestic landscapes, picturesque whitewashed villages, exceptional accommodation facilities, luxurious resorts for the VIPs, and wild nightlife. Mykonos is the island that never sleeps, with countless beach bars and nightclubs, attracting famous DJs from all around the world.

So, if you are looking to combine the above with a luxurious holiday experience, you should seriously consider staying in luxury villas in Mykonos. And, to make your life easier, we made a list of the top 10 Mykonos resorts in 2022!


#1 Blue Jewel Estate Mykonos Resort

Blue Jewel Estate is the ideal holiday resort to host large family groups in the most convenient way. Containing a total number of 31 spacious bedrooms, it is suitable for a total of 62 people who are seeking privacy. This ultra-luxury villa is built on top of the sea and as such the view is striking. The nearest beach (Kalo Livadi) is just a couple of minutes away on foot.

Blue Jewel Estate is all about creating unforgettable family holidays and inspiring shared moments in a spectacular landscape! This Mykonos resort can also be separated into 3 independent villas for extra privacy.

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#2 Bluewave Villa

Can you imagine yourself staying in a modern villa with 3 impressive infinity pools and shaded surrounding areas of over 400 sq meters? If that’s the case, Bluewave Villa is the ideal Mykonos resort for you. The villa not only offers a breathtaking view of the sea, but it’s also close to many famous beaches of the island such as Kalo Livadi, Elia, and Agios Sostis. It consists of 11 luxurious and generous bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, giving the opportunity to 36 lucky vacationers to experience VIP and uncomplicated holidays.

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#3 Villa Klytie

Set on a hill with unobstructed views of the Aegean sea, this villa is the perfect choice for those ones looking for an exquisite vacation. Villa Klytie can accommodate 20 people, offering privacy and amazing relaxing spots all over the place. Living in this resort, you have the chance to savor the glamorous Mykonian lifestyle in the island’s most fashionable and cosmopolitan setting.

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#4 Villa Prometheus

Built on a magnificent spot in the area of Kastro, Villa Prometheus is facing the sunset and offers a panoramic view of the island. At this Mykonos resort, you will find facilities like a tennis court, a gym and even a helipad. This one-of-a-kind resort is made to offer absolute luxury, comfort, and relaxation to its 22 guests. The villa is also ideal for hosting ceremonies like weddings and all kinds of big gathering events.

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#5 Villa Albatros

Overlooking the popular beach of Kalo Livadi in Mykonos Villa Albatros can offer all you can imagine for your dream holidays. It’s also rather close to many of the famous beach clubs on the island. The facilities of Villa Albatros are more than enough: a big heated lagoon-style pool combined, a private club for dancing, a padel tennis court -the only one in Mykonos-, a traditional outdoor taverna and a private gym. What more could you ask for from your summer resort?

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#6 Villa Blue Lagoon Mykonos Resort

Located on a hilltop with stunning views of the nearby islands of Delos and Rhenia, Blue Lagoon is the perfect match for relaxing holidays in a cosmopolitan place. The white-washed architectural elements perfectly combined with natural stones, create an idyllic environment to settle in and unwind yourself from the everyday routine. Witnessing a marvellous sunset every afternoon is a real dream coming true at this unique resort.

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#7 Villa Infinity

Step out of the ordinary and experience high-end accommodation while being close to the city of Mykonos and the popular Psarou and Nammos beaches. This Mykonos resort offers breath-taking views of the Aegean sea, state-of-the-art architectural elements, and an unparalleled ambience. Villa Infinity is a pretty spacious villa, divided into two buildings with 5 and 4 bedrooms respectively, and can accommodate up to 18 guests. 

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#8 Villa Baho

The 8-bedroom Villa Baho in Agia Sofia of Mykonos, located in an amphitheatrical spot of the island, is the epitome of minimal and luxurious style. It occupies a large area of 383 sq meters spreading in 3 levels with spacious bedrooms and living rooms that satisfy the needs of the most demanding guests. The outside living areas contain elegant furniture with pergolas and an infinity pool, making it an ideal environment for relaxing and enjoying a delightful vacation! 

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#9 Villa Gardenia

Overlooking the beautiful Paros island, located at the southern side of Mykonos, Villa Gardenia makes your dream vacation come true. This Mykonos resort belongs to a complex of luxury villas, built in the ideal way to offer ultimate comfort and privacy as if you were at home. It is close to the beautiful beaches of Paraga and Paradise, where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea waters and the party atmosphere of their beach bars.

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES


#10 Villa Escape

If you wish for a real escape from your everyday routine, this villa is the perfect place to find it. Suitable for up to 69 guests, Villa Escape is a paradise on earth, providing 12 private pools, 21 amazing bedrooms, spacious living rooms, luxurious facilities, a private helipad area, and the most important of all: a secluded section of Elia beach available only for the villa’s lucky residents! 

The Top 10 Mykonos Resorts [2022], ELITE ESTATES




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