Private Chefs Catering

Private Chefs Catering
Enjoy your breakfast, your brunch, your lunch or your dinner in Elite Estates by our professional leading team.

We have partnered with the leading chefs and catering companies in Greece, being considered a synonym of authentic and inspired cuisine. They specialize in providing exceptional dinning services for any occasion: wedding, baptism, banquet, corporate event, party, as well as any special event or happening involving highly demanding catering services.

By supporting even our customers΄most subversive ideas, we are not just catering for an event; we create memorable, soul imprinting experiences.

We use only the finest raw materials, cooked with passion and innovative expertise, thus developing high gastronomic flavors and menus of Greek, Mediterranean and international cuisine.

Our policy to develop customized menus that exceed expectations has led us to build strong and long-lasting relationships in our field.

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