Personal Security

Personal Security
We provide highly trained teams of professionals proficient in all aspects of security operations to safeguard private facilities in demanding and threatening environments. Our protective services set the stage for our client’s operation, safely and effectively, allowing them to achieve their mission objectives.

Executive Protection:

Close Personal Protection
Single and multiple agent details
Full Time Estate Security
Family / Child Protection
Site Advances and risk assessments
Driving / Motorcade operations
Yacht Security
Background Checks / Staff Vetting
Surveillance / Counter-surveillance
Facility and Sea Port Security
Access Control
Perimeter Security
Interior Patrol Fixed / Land
Interior Patrol (ashore and waterborne, IPL/OPL)
Guard-Force Training
Quick Reaction Forces
Reporting Procedures
Tactical Operations Center
Emergency Response Teams
Surveillance and Counter-surveillance
On-site Security Development Training
Reporting Procedures Site Assessments
Security Audits and Risk Assessments

Our Mobile Security Services Include:

Armored vehicles with communication and Evasion Systems
Personal Security Details
Quick Reaction Forces
Counter Assault Teams
Tactical Operations Center
Emergency Action Plan
Trained Drivers
Executive Motorcades
Communication Plans
Reporting Procedures
Point-to-point deliveries
Management and Advisory Consulting
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