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Discover the Other Face of Mykonos

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Mykonos is well-known for its gorgeous beaches, stunning resorts, throbbing beach clubs, gourmet restaurants and—of course endless—parties! Especially in July and August, this small Cycladic island is a prime destination for the wealthy and famous. Superyachts and mega yachts cruise the waters, champagne corks fly around, and wild pool parties happen literally every day.

But what else does this beautiful island have to offer? Can the ‘other side’ be equally fascinating? Well, it undoubtedly depends on the type of activities you like to do, but there’s definitely more to Mykonos than beach parties and late nights. It may not seem like it, but even outside of the party scene it’s impossible to be bored, especially if you attempt to experience it as a local.

Explore Mykonos Town

First of all, the enchanting Mykonos Town (Chora or Hora, as locals name it) is a marvelous place to explore. In the morning, walk through the white-painted paths and the narrow alleyways to buy fresh bread and pastries from the bakery. Wander through the ‘Little Venice’ district and admire the colors of the balconies hanging over the waves. If you’re lucky enough, you may find yourself face-to-face with one of the lovely pelicans that stroll around. Don’t hesitate to approach it, pet it and share some moments!

Discover the Other Face of Mykonos, ELITE ESTATES

Next, you can walk up the hill past Mykonos Town, to a vantage point with an unobstructed view of the town, the harbor and the Aegean Sea. This is an excellent spot to take a deep breath and just feel the breeze brush gently against your cheeks.

Don’t Miss out on the Cultural Side

The cultural side of Mykonos is something you don’t want to miss out on!

If you like photography or architecture, you must definitely venture out to capture the amazing Cycladic architecture of the sugar-cube-like houses, as well as the many picturesque churches, chapels, and monasteries that are scattered throughout the town and the whole island.

Also, visit the museums—the Archaeological, the Aegean Maritime, the Agricultural, the Folk or Lena’s House—presenting exhibits that tell intriguing stories about the history of Mykonos and the Cyclades.

When it comes to food, Mykonos has a lot to tell. Local delicacies, like louza or loutza, kopanisti, and the delicious traditional sausages, are absolute musts. For the most authentic experience, consider accompanying your food with ouzo or tsipouro!

Feel the Magic of Delos

Last but not least, get on a boat, glide across the crystal clear waters and visit the neighboring island of Delos. This sacred island, the mythological birthplace of gods Apollo and Artemis, is one of the most important historical and archaeological sites in the world.

Just make sure you let its unique energy magnetize you and inspire you before you return to Mykonos!

As a final note…

Feel free to interact with the locals, who are usually very friendly, helpful, smiley and very fond of their scenic island.

Give yourself the time to relax, slow down and be drawn into the ‘other face’ of Mykonos; you won’t regret it! Enjoy your stay in one of our Mykonos Villas for maximum pleasure!


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