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We would like to inform you that, with a view to enhancing your navigation experience, our company uses cookies on the website The use of cookies helps improve the functionality of the website and facilitates your browsing options. This way, we can provide you with custom content, debug certain pages and analyse website traffic.

Our primary concern is the protection of your privacy. Therefore, we encourage you to take the time and read this policy so that you can understand the type of cookies we use, the type of information we collect through cookies and how we use such information. By visiting our company’s website, you state that you agree to grant us consent to monitor your activity on it as well as your use of the services and functions therein through cookies or whatever similar technologies may be developed in the future.

Cookies are small files carrying information that a website stores on a user’s computer (usually on a web browser like Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Edge, etc.) so that every time a user visits this website, it will be able to recover said information and provide the user with services that are relevant to it. A typical example of such information is a user’s preferences on a website as these are made known through the user’s choices on the particular website (e.g. specific “buttons” clicked, searches performed, etc.).


There are four types of cookies depending on their function and the purpose for which they are used.

Strictly necessary
They allow the basic functioning of a website, like its navigation and access to secure areas of it. These cookies are necessary so that the website can function properly and serve the purpose of the user’s visit (e.g. obtaining information).
Functionality cookies
These are used for the proper and smooth function of the webpage and allow the website to “remember” the user’s choices so that it can provide enhanced and personalised features, tailored to the user’s needs and interests. This category includes cookies with information for secure browsing.
These help us understand how our visitors use the different pages by collecting and reporting information anonymously. This way, we can understand if the users are having any problems and if a page needs to be improved. In addition, we collect useful information that helps us improve the overall performance of our website.
These cookies are used to deliver ads whose content is more relevant to the users and their interests. They can be used for the transmission of targeted advertising or usercustomised offers. They also help us measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.


Our company classifies cookies in 4 different categories:

Strictly Necessary Cookies
We use these cookies for the proper and smooth function of our website.
We use these cookies to improve our company’s website security.
These cookies are mandatory and cannot be disabled on this website.

Performance cookies
Our company uses performance cookies to improve our online services with the use of analytics, survey pop-ups and overall monitoring of the performance and availability of the website.
Those cookies are optional and can be disabled through the “cookies settings” at the top of this page.
Functionality cookies
Our company uses functionality cookies to store your credentials on our website for your next visit.
We also use these cookies to enhance your user experience by storing certain choices of yours.
These cookies are optional and can be disabled through the “cookies settings” at the top of this page.
Marketing and Social Media cookies
To optimise our website user experience, these cookies are used to keep a record of the pages you have visited or provide you with services that are closest to your location (such as “hotels near you”, etc.). This may lead to targeted advertising during your visits to other websites separate from our own.
The cookies above allow you to share the webpages of interest on social media.
These are optional cookies and require your explicit consent. To accept them, you can use the displayed “cookies banner” or the “cookies settings” at the top of this page.

Our company, third-party providers of our services or our business associates can also use cookies or other behaviour analysis technologies to manage and measure the performance of the ads shown on various other websites that you visit.

During your visit to our company’s website, third parties may initiate and access the same behaviour analysis technologies, and, when you use our website, they may have access to information about you and your online activities over an extended period of time and across different websites or applications. The use of such technologies on their part is beyond our control and is subject to their own data protection policies.


Most web browsers are configured to accept cookies. Normally, you can disable cookies on your browser at any time. In addition, you may be able to set your browser to alert you before accepting certain cookies or declining others. However, if you disable the use of cookies on your web browser, some features on our company’s websites may be difficult to use or may not work properly.

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