Best things to do in Mykonos on a day trip

One day in Mykonos should count more than 24 hours! In case it happens to pop over the island on a Mykonos day trip, here’s the best way to spend your hours with value at the most famous attractions and live moments to remember. Soon, you will definitely return for the whole Mykonos experience.

Begin your day early in the morning and drink your coffee at 7am with the fishermen at Gyalos, on the wait for the boat to Delos islet. According to mythology, Delos is considered the birthplace of Apollo, the Greek God of Light and is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece.

After your visit to the ancient site, head to Ano Mera Village and pick a tavern to savor sun-dried octopus and Ouzo, a mouthwatering food and drink combination that tastes full of Greek summer!

For your sea dip, drive South and choose a nice beach on the south coast to get refreshed! All beaches here are popular and well organised, so just let yourselves relax and have a great time! After your sea dip, satisfy your stomach and energy needs in a luxury or a traditional restaurant.

Sunset time is about to come and will find you salty and still covered with you pareos. Enjoy it, you are totally into Mykonos vibe! Head to Little Venice, the famous Mykonos Windmills or Kastro and relish the sunset view while enjoying a refreshing cocktail. The magic nightlife of Mykonos has just began and will keep you on clubbing till dawn!

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