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10 Safest Places to Travel | COVID-19

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During 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many countries to take precautionary safety measures either to stop the increase of the Covid-19 cases in their countries or to stop the virus from “entering” new parts of the country altogether. Depending on how strict those measures were, how the population responded, as well as other local factors, there are countries that managed to have much smaller numbers of Covid-19 cases compared to others. As a result since mid-May, there is a steady increase in the number of countries with low numbers of new cases, that decide to gradually lift the safety measures for the entrance of foreigners into the country and on what safety rules the local population and businesses must follow. Also, there are countries that allow the entrance only to people that travel for either living or only business and scientific reasons and not tourism. Taking into account all factors such as safety, fun, and accessibility we prepared a list of the safest places to travel to and have a beautiful – and safe – time.

These are the top 10 safest places to travel during Covid. Check out the list with the best places on earth to plan your vacation.


landscape of sea village in vietnam as  a safe place to travel

Having a lot of experience from fighting similar outbreaks in the past (such as SARS, avian flu and other), Vietnam dealt with the Coronavirus outbreak taking successful actions quickly. Despite being neighboring countries with China, Vietnam has very few deaths and low cases numbers. Since January Vietnam has imposed travel restrictions, contact tracing measures as well as closing of the borders with China. The schools also remained closed for most of the year. Certainly the experience of the country’s officials as well as the population contributed greatly to this country being a safe destination for this year’s summer. 

Hong Kong

skyscrapers in hong kong as  a safe place to travel

Due to its prepared healthcare system and the very strict measures taken in time, Hong Kong has managed to get away with a very low number of cases as well as deaths from the Corona virus pandemic. Hong Kong managed to block its 7.4 million population from traveling to the mainland of China and thus getting infected. Moreover Hong Kong’s population adhered to the imposing of wearing face masks, something that as scientists suggest contributes to making the spread of the virus less likely.

New Zealand

nature valley and mountains in new zealand as  a safe place to travel

New Zealand with its quickly decided lockdown measures allowed the country to have very low numbers of cases as well as deaths. The government responds very quickly to any changes in the number of cases and as it seams its decisions and safety measures have given the wanted results. New Zealand is in the privileged position of enjoying zero new cases most days of the week making it one of the safest countries in the world.


santorini landscape of white houses and blue sea in greece as  a safe place to travel

Greece is one of the European countries that have handled the Covid-19 crisis very successfully, so it’s fair to be considered as one of the safest places to travel. The Greek government took safety measures very seriously and much quicker than many other countries of the EU especially considering that when it did, the number of cases were still relatively low. To be exact many preliminary measures were taken after the diagnosis of just the first case. Social distancing, restriction on the hours that bars and restaurants can be open and the closing of schools for most of the year are only a few of the measures taken, with the public showing a very strong adherence to the safety rules.  That allowed the healthcare system of Greece not to crash and to keep the number of new cases and deaths at the low end of Europe. The many beautiful islands of Greece are open to tourists with one of the most popular countries to visit in the world being also one of the safest countries to visit during the Covid-19 pandemic.


autumn trees on a lake in finland as  a safe place to travel

Finland has one of the lowest number of new cases in the world being 15 times lower than in many other countries of Europe. The closing of schools (except the early education level), closing some public facilities, limiting public gatherings and closing its borders for a limited amount of time were some, of the not many, measures taken by the country. The excellent response of the public and the great health system contributed to making Finland ready to accept tourists happy to enjoy its forests and great nature with safety.


port village in malta

Malta has one of the lowest number of new cases in the world with 55 times less cases than in most other European countries. Malta’s government didn’t have to take serious action against covid announcing some social distancing measures, limiting public gatherings and closing its schools and universities for just a week. One of the most important things that it did was that it imposed a lockdown rule to people over 65 years of age, and thus limiting the number of cases in those age groups resulting in less deaths. In 2020 is a place worth considering when someone is vacation planning being very safe as well as beautiful.


lisbon city in portugal as  a safe place to travel

Portugal has managed to keep the Covid-19 cases relatively low with its social distancing and mask wearing measures. It has also imposed rules on the hours that stores, bars and restaurants can be open and the hours that they serve alcohol. There are also many beautiful parts of Portugal with zero cases of Covid that are attracting much attention from the potential tourists.


port city with stone walls and boats in croatia as  a safe place to travel

Taking quick measures against the spread of Covid-19 cases, Croatia managed to have almost 20 times fewer new cases than other European countries and thus being one of the safest countries to visit. Croatia engaging in both social distancing measures as well as a lockdown for a period of time has managed to be ready for the entrance of tourists. With many really beautiful places to visit it is not a surprise that Croatia’s popularity as a tourist destination is increasing, even more as one of the safest places to travel.


mountain view on road in iceland as  a safe place to travel

Despite having one of the highest new cases rates in all Europe at the beginning of the Covid outbreak this year as well as not taking any lockdown measures, the small island Iceland, has managed with its very strict safety regulations and testing to become one of the safest countries to visit in the world due to its very low number of new cases. With its amazing nature is one of the most interesting countries to visit as well.


castle on a lake in poland as  a safe place to travel

Together with Greece and Portugal, Poland is one of the countries that were least affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and one more addition on the list of the safest places to travel. The strong safety measures included lockdown, social distancing, canceling of public events, and others resulting in keeping the number of new cases small. The polish people respected and followed the rules set by the government with good adherence with their national healthcare system being able to survive during this crisis. Poland being one of the safest countries in Europe and with many beautiful attractions is now more than ever a place worth considering for vacations.

In all the above mentioned countries most of the must-visit museums, archaeological sites and attractions are open to the public with some safety measures taken from the visitor (for example wearing a face mask). It is really crucial when planning vacations and travelling during this pandemic to pay close attention to the latest updates on the Covid-19 new cases numbers, safety measures and restrictions for each country, because those can change from one day to another.


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